Business Process Improvement Consulting

The purpose of any business is to grow. The major drivers of growth are strategy, people, process, and capital. When strategy and capital are in place, the focus needs to be in the process and the people.

Sales and customer service are two vital aspects of most of the businesses.Any gaps in the sales process can create a bottleneck in the revenue flow of the organisation. Similarly, any gaps in customer service will result in dissatisfied customers and will affect future business.

Identifying the gaps and finding the right solutions to bridge the gaps at the right time will save businesses from undesired outcomes.

We at Metalocus are happy to be a partner in this Business Improvement Process. Our expertise in working with organizations of different sizes and different industries will enable us to rightfully assist you in the redesigning process.


An effective learning and development process depends on four phases. A training need analysis, Specification of learning objectives, Design of training content and method and Evaluation. A training need analysis is the first step in identifying a skill gap in an organisation. It is important to provide a customized solution to address this skill gap as organizations are different in their culture, strategy and execution.

A few of our workshops

  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership

Personality Assessments (DiSc and Firo B)

Personality Assessments are scientific tools to assess a talent. They are also powerful self-assessment tools for people who look for continuous personal improvement. A scientific tool is a great way toassess talent as it helps in removing the human errors caused by biases and judgements.

Experiential Learning

As times change formats of training delivery also change. Today the world has the knowledge at their fingertips. Hence imparting knowledge is not the key but effectively imparting the knowledge. This calls upon the use of innovative ways of delivering knowledge and thereby develop skills. Business Simulations are an excellent way of delivering content in an innovative and experiential way especially to the senior executives in an organization.

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