To be a catalyst in enhancing human potential for a better life and career
We partner with Organizations and Educational Institutions to transform human resource

Skills and competencies are more than just mandatory columns on a curriculum vitae. In fact, we live in an age where organisations intend to only hire and retain those employees who demonstrate strong learning and development traits.

So what does one do to stay ahead of the learning curve? How does one ensure that learning transforms into productivity?

We at Metalocus, aim and work towards inspiring a positive transformation in employees through well researched and engaging training workshops.The management team of Metalocus have decades of functional and training expertise spanning industries.The vast amount of organizational and training expertise puts us at ease with the needs of the organizations we interact with and help us design and deliver programs to a varied audience.

Why Choose Metalocus
“I am still learning”   Michelangelo

Our functional and training expertise help us in delivering innovative programs that are customized to the organizational and learner requirements.

Our Values
We deliver what we promise, we only promise what we can deliver
We are committed to being a catalyst for the learning community
We are flexible in our approach in meeting the goals of the stakeholders
Continuous learning & improvement
We are committed to acquire knowledge, demonstrate it and improvise overall capability